Pet Birds With Short Life Spans

Macaws are known for having a lifespan of up to 80 or even 100 years. For many, this can be a deciding factor when deciding on a pet bird. While the vast majority of us would like to keep our pets as long as possible, some people do not plan on spending another 30-90 years as bird owners. Future life changes, such as studies, travel, and livelihood opportunities, may cause someone to prefer a pet that cannot survive for a quarter to half of the individual’s life. This is in direct contrast to dogs, where smaller ones certainly live longer. Many birds, like parrots, tend to live around 20 years but can survive around 40. To know more about birds, click here:

Button Quail

birdMales typically live between 3 and 5 years and females between 4. Some individuals have lived close to 9 years, so the lifespan of this species is well under 20 years. Many people don’t consider keeping a quail as a pet, but with proper care, they are excellent for anyone looking for a bird to keep them company for a few years.

Zebra Finch

The zebra finch is a popular pet bird that has been kept in captivity for over a hundred years. Gould’s finches are another incredibly popular pet bird that typically lives 8 years, although some individuals have lived as long as 12. Finches are great birds for people who want to limit the lifespan of a pet to less than 15 years, although they are better for observing than interacting.


birdBeing small, interactive birds that love to interact with people, they could accidentally tip over, knock things over, and be defeated in other horrible ways if allowed to play in their cage. Extreme caution should be taken when leaving parrots outside. These small birds are believed to have a lifespan of between 12 and 20 years; however, some owners have reported it to be longer, perhaps around 30. So regardless of their size, they are long-lived birds and will need your attention.